What To Look For In A Property Investment Company

what to look for in a property investment company

Property investment is a great way to strengthen your financial future, but you need to be careful. Property investment done incorrectly can easily place you in financial hardship and you will want to avoid this at all costs according to Do It Yourself. Working with a property investment company can take some of the pressure off when it comes to investing, but only when you choose the right company. To ensure that you choose the right company, there are a number of points to look for.

Their Market Experience

When you consider working with a property investment company, you need to find out about their market experience. The company should have years of experience in the market that you want to target. You do not want to work with a company that has experience in commercial property investment if you want to invest in residential rental properties.

The experience in your market will be helpful as it ensures that the company knows what to look for. They will be able to complete better research into the property market and find the right properties for your investment. They are also more likely to choose properties that have the best potential return on investment for you.

A Proven Track Record

While the experience in your target market is important, you should also look at the track record that the company has. Experience and success are very different when it comes to property investment explains Thirlmere Deacon a UK investment company from London, and you need to be aware of this. To determine their track record, you will need to ask for examples of previous clients that they have worked with and confirm that they were able to successfully help them.

This will be very helpful when you are comparing companies. A company that has a better track record will be the one that you should choose. This ensures that your investment is in safer hands and that your return is more likely to materialize.

The Communication

Something that you have to look at is the communication that the company provides. You do not want to work with a property investment company that is unwilling to communicate openly with you. The communication should also happen in a manner that you fully understand. If the company cannot explain what they are going to do in terms that you can understand, you need to reconsider working with them.

To start determining the communication you get from the company, you need to think about your initial contact with them. Consider how quickly they responded to you and how professional the communication was. If the company takes days to get back to an inquiry email or does not readily answer the phone it could be a sign of poor future communication.

The method of communication should also be taken into account. Does the company offer the method of communication that you prefer and do they have a number of ways that you can get in touch with them? Companies that offer email and phone communication will often be better to work with because you are more likely to be able to get in touch with them.

A Strong Team

The team that the investment company has must be considered when you are choosing someone to work with, check they are a member of The Property Ombudsman. The team should be experienced and have a wide range of skills which will ensure that your investment is a success. They should also be properly qualified to complete the work and you need to find out about this.

When you initially talk with the company, you should find out more about the people who will handle your account. If possible, you should meet them to determine if you are comfortable with them. Being comfortable with your investment team is important because you will trust them more.

Use Case With Home Inspection In Houston

Inspecting a house

Among many of the services we use in the real estate industry, home inspection is one that we don’t hear much about bit is incredibly important (and tends to save our ass).

We’ve worked with clients on purchasing properties for themselves and we’ve also invested in some of our own properties as rentals, and we always recommend a home inspection.

There are a few cases where they really came in handy and saved us from a huge financial headache had we not done it.

Our own use-case

We were gearing up to purchase a property that stood to create a steady cash flow of $500 each month as a rental property.

Most houses that we go for are generally older and require some work, so it’s standard process to get an inspection done in case we miss things.

Inspections are important because there are certain tools, such as thermal imaging, that allows the inspectors to view things inside walls and spot potential issues.

In this particular house, we found that there were some serious electrical errors that posed a hazard, potentially leading to electrical fires later on down the line.

Because we used a full home inspection on this property, we were able to identify it and actually negotiate the price down to compensate for the amount of repairs we’d have to do.

In this case, that was about $8,000 because all of the wiring needed to be redone in order to replace very old wire and make sure everything was grounded appropriately.

Now imagine that we’d purchased the house and assumed we’d receive our $500 cash flow each month.

It’s unlikely that we’d just out of the blue replace the wiring, so that means we’d have found out because an event would have happened, such as an electrical fire.

That leads to damage on the walls, liability with the tenants, possibly getting sued or fined.

That $500 cash flow would have easily turned into a negative number for a long time had we not found it before the purchase to, not only renegotiate our deal, but also catch and fix the problem before it turned into a disaster.

Home inspections should damn-near be mandatory

In some cases, they are, as some banks will require an inspection to be done on an existing home.

Even with new construction, there are phase inspections that are done to ensure that things are done properly.

You also want inspections to be done by a third-party and not the builder himself, as they can easily cut corners or lie about things, claiming that you signed off on it.

But, really, the cost of an inspection is, on average, about $400-$450.

That’s really not much for basically an insurance on your purchase of upwards of several hundred thousands of dollars.

And it’s only a one-time thing.

If you’re sure that other parts of the home are in great shape and simply need one component checked out, you can always just do a partial inspection, which just breaks down the inspection process in only the parts of the house that you want.

This saves the inspector time and saves you money, while making the deal much more quickly.

The reality is, when you’re making a big financial decision and investment like with a property, you want to make sure you’re being sold what you believe you are buying.

There’s actually a lot more to home inspection that can help evaluate a house, and even some things that you can do yourself to identify when home inspections are necessary.

So, we’re going to continue to bring you some information about that in the coming weeks.

Check out our homepage to find out more and keep up to date.

Stay tuned!

Hiring The Right Real Estate Agent For Your Home

You’ve decided that the time is right to buy (or sell) home and the collective wisdom of your friends and colleagues urge you to work with a professional real estate agent. Many first-time customers are starting their very own family; which folks realize that purchasing a home is a huge part of this. When you’re a first time customer, you may want to consider working with a real estate agent like Tier 1 Real Estate. A small real estate brokerage in Bristol Connecticut.

There are many buyers that think that they don’t require extensive aid because this is not their first time they have bought a house. The following are tips on how to hire the right real estate agent for your home:

5 Tips To Hiring The Right Real Estate Agent

1. One thing you can look for is the Realtor designation. If your agent states that he or she is a Realtor, that means that person belongs to the National Association of Realtors, an agency devoted to ensuring a level of consistency among its members and also that every member agrees to abide by a code of ethics. You will also know that your agent has met all of the state licensing requirements.

2. Additional letters on the agent’s title mean that person has taken on some additional education and is certified to be a specialist in their chosen field. For instance, ABR means that your agent is an Accredited Buyer Representative, meaning that this person has additional training and is also experienced negotiating deals representing buyers. Then there is ALC or Accredited Land Consultant. These agents are experts in helping find you the perfect land to build your home on.

3. How attentive is your agent? Does your agent expect you to conform to his or her schedule, or are you valued enough that the agent will work around your schedule? Is your agent willing to include you in a conversation, or does he or she do what is on his or her agenda only? Check out these questions you should always ask before hiring your realtor.

4. Does your agent communicate well and regularly? This can also mean does your agent answer your questions personally or are you handed off to someone else? Is the agent willing to communicate with you in the way that you prefer, i.e. email, phone call, or other? Communication can also include making sure you are fully aware of all fees and potentially other costs so you have no surprises.

5. Does your agent have good references from truly happy past clients, and not just a select few or people who are the agent’s friends? Those references should be able to speak to the aspects of the agent that can’t be gleaned from a resume. Did the agent find houses to show that was in the right price range and had the features the buyers wanted? Were homes that he or she showed priced right based on the market? You can also do a peer survey to see what other agents think of a particular agent. And, don’t be afraid to ask what the buyer reference wished his or her agent might have done differently.

Perhaps more than anything else, trust your gut. If you just can’t get along with a person, it will never be a good fit, no matter how successful your agent might be.

Malta Apartment Vs House – what should you buy?

Image result for malta residential

Owning a home is one of the most important basic investment to make for your family. Whether buying an apartment on the 3rd floor at a city center building or acquiring a house build in the suburbs with a small garden and personal curb and garage.

Most potential homeowners get themselves in the dilemma of what to go for between a house and an apartment. Below is a guide to some basic considerations to make.

  • Available amenities

When buying an apartment or a rental property in Malta, there are certain factors that you need to check like, where certain amenities are present, such as security, garbage collection and cleaning services. These are often offered by the owner of the whole apartments, through caretakers. An independent house, however, has no such amenities, and the new owner of the house must make a personal agreement with various providers for such services.

  • Demand and supply

Shopping for an apartment to buy is a daunting task, so is searching for a house to make it a home. This aspect should be deeply considered, both in the present and in the future. Since homeownership requirements change over time, there may come a need to relocate to more favorable areas. Due to this, the decision on whether to buy a house or apartment should consider the need to sell the property in future, on how fast it would move once placed on the market.

  • Affordability

Generally, apartments are more affordable than houses. This can be attributed to the many shared amenities, as opposed to houses where your family enjoys any service alone. It should be noted that affordability does not always mean cost-effectiveness.

Moreover, the potential homeowner should also consider other variable costs such as costs of renovations. Council rates are also considerably higher on houses, because they include land rates, as opposed to those paid for the purchase of an apartment.

  • Land ownership

Land is a valuable asset, which is known for its high chances of high appreciation over a short duration of time. When buying a home, land should also be considered. Apartments don’t have any land claim by their buyers since most are on top floors and don’t have any contact with the land. This means when one buys an apartment, they have no title deed for land. House buyers, however, purchase the house together with the land on which the house is built.

  • The potential for a better resale price

Houses are a better future-oriented investment strategy. This is because land appreciates in value exponentially, meaning a few years down the road, the house would have appreciated in value with up to 30%. Apartments seldom appreciate in value and are considered by those who don’t have serious future-oriented strategies.

  • The flexibility of the investment

Houses are more flexible as opposed to apartments. Flexibility means the owner of a house can comfortably construct an extra house and use it as a servant quarters. Houses also offer small gardens, where owners can do some gardening. This is unlike apartments, which do not leave allowance for any secondary structures.


Whether the decision lays on a house or an apartment, they both have their great positives, and at the end of the day, the main point of consideration is personal preference. If you would like to learn more about property for sale in Malta visit https://www.maltasothebysrealty.com/ for the latest listings.

Who Can You Call When It’s Time To Liquidate?

Every 8 or so years, the real estate economy starts to take a fall (coincidentally this happens during most presidential elections). When that happens, many homeowners are unable to take care of the payments on their properties and need to sell them. That’s when a real estate investor can come in and save them from foreclosures or tax liens.

To learn about selling to a real estate investor, check out this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uKMtA504nYw. You can also check out the channel at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2Vvx_tpj0xIHERQDQ6ex1Q.

Marketing Tactics To Bring In More Deals


Real estate is one of the toughest niches to get new deals as an investor. There are many investors targeting the same lists as you, and it comes down to who can get to them first, and if there are multiple investors, who can make the most convincing deal to the homeowner. Generally, it’s known that we go after motivated or distressed sellers. Check out some of the ways that you can find leads to make deals in real estate investment. Here are some marketing tactics to bring in more deals.


Why Use A We Buy Houses Houston Service?

A we buy houses Houston service is a good place to sell a home to. What can you expect and what do you need to do to get the best price on your home? That’s going to depend on some factors that you are going to learn about here.

A home is not going to be worth a lot if there are a lot of problems with it. One way to get more from your home is to fix it up a little so it’s livable when someone else buys it. A we buy houses type of company is going to give you a price based on the condition of the house, so you want to try to get the most by making sure the home is in nice condition. If you don’t have time to improve it and don’t mind getting a lower price, that’s okay too.

You can have someone come out and inspect your home from a we buy homes service so they can tell you what they will pay. Generally, they will send someone out for free that will then go through the home carefully to find out if there are any issues. One good idea is to hire a professional inspection service so you can find out what the problems are and can take care of the easy ones. That way, you can get a little more from the company that you are going to try to sell your home to.



Why use a we buy houses company? The main reason is that it saves you a lot of time. If you try to sell a home, you have to deal with talking with sellers and trying to work with them which takes a lot of time. You want to hire a good company to buy your home from you because then you take out all of the work that goes along with selling a home. If you value your time, you can spend it on something else besides working on building a listing and trying to sell your home.

The home should be sold to a good company that has a good reputation. Make sure you look them up on the internet to see what people have to say about the services that they offer. You don’t want to end up working with a company that is going to give you such a low price that it’s not worth it to work with them. Shop around a little so you can see who gives the best deal. And, never hire someone without looking up more information about them or you may regret it when you’re not able to get that good of a deal.

The we buy houses Houston professionals you work with need to be able to give you a fair price and should be easy to work with. To make sure this is the case, just use what you have learned here to guide you to where you need to be.

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