Malta Apartment Vs House – what should you buy?

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Owning a home is one of the most important basic investment to make for your family. Whether buying an apartment on the 3rd floor at a city center building or acquiring a house build in the suburbs with a small garden and personal curb and garage.

Most potential homeowners get themselves in the dilemma of what to go for between a house and an apartment. Below is a guide to some basic considerations to make.

  • Available amenities

When buying an apartment or a rental property in Malta, there are certain factors that you need to check like, where certain amenities are present, such as security, garbage collection and cleaning services. These are often offered by the owner of the whole apartments, through caretakers. An independent house, however, has no such amenities, and the new owner of the house must make a personal agreement with various providers for such services.

  • Demand and supply

Shopping for an apartment to buy is a daunting task, so is searching for a house to make it a home. This aspect should be deeply considered, both in the present and in the future. Since homeownership requirements change over time, there may come a need to relocate to more favorable areas. Due to this, the decision on whether to buy a house or apartment should consider the need to sell the property in future, on how fast it would move once placed on the market.

  • Affordability

Generally, apartments are more affordable than houses. This can be attributed to the many shared amenities, as opposed to houses where your family enjoys any service alone. It should be noted that affordability does not always mean cost-effectiveness.

Moreover, the potential homeowner should also consider other variable costs such as costs of renovations. Council rates are also considerably higher on houses, because they include land rates, as opposed to those paid for the purchase of an apartment.

  • Land ownership

Land is a valuable asset, which is known for its high chances of high appreciation over a short duration of time. When buying a home, land should also be considered. Apartments don’t have any land claim by their buyers since most are on top floors and don’t have any contact with the land. This means when one buys an apartment, they have no title deed for land. House buyers, however, purchase the house together with the land on which the house is built.

  • The potential for a better resale price

Houses are a better future-oriented investment strategy. This is because land appreciates in value exponentially, meaning a few years down the road, the house would have appreciated in value with up to 30%. Apartments seldom appreciate in value and are considered by those who don’t have serious future-oriented strategies.

  • The flexibility of the investment

Houses are more flexible as opposed to apartments. Flexibility means the owner of a house can comfortably construct an extra house and use it as a servant quarters. Houses also offer small gardens, where owners can do some gardening. This is unlike apartments, which do not leave allowance for any secondary structures.


Whether the decision lays on a house or an apartment, they both have their great positives, and at the end of the day, the main point of consideration is personal preference. If you would like to learn more about property for sale in Malta visit for the latest listings.

Who Can You Call When It’s Time To Liquidate?

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Marketing Tactics To Bring In More Deals


Real estate is one of the toughest niches to get new deals as an investor. There are many investors targeting the same lists as you, and it comes down to who can get to them first, and if there are multiple investors, who can make the most convincing deal to the homeowner. Generally, it’s known that we go after motivated or distressed sellers. Check out some of the ways that you can find leads to make deals in real estate investment. Here are some marketing tactics to bring in more deals.


Why Use A We Buy Houses Houston Service?

A we buy houses Houston service is a good place to sell a home to. What can you expect and what do you need to do to get the best price on your home? That’s going to depend on some factors that you are going to learn about here.

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You can have someone come out and inspect your home from a we buy homes service so they can tell you what they will pay. Generally, they will send someone out for free that will then go through the home carefully to find out if there are any issues. One good idea is to hire a professional inspection service so you can find out what the problems are and can take care of the easy ones. That way, you can get a little more from the company that you are going to try to sell your home to.



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The home should be sold to a good company that has a good reputation. Make sure you look them up on the internet to see what people have to say about the services that they offer. You don’t want to end up working with a company that is going to give you such a low price that it’s not worth it to work with them. Shop around a little so you can see who gives the best deal. And, never hire someone without looking up more information about them or you may regret it when you’re not able to get that good of a deal.

The we buy houses Houston professionals you work with need to be able to give you a fair price and should be easy to work with. To make sure this is the case, just use what you have learned here to guide you to where you need to be.

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